Living Water
 Written by Patricia Torok

Grab hold
 Written by Kim May and Sung by Larry Contrell

CD’s are available for a donation of $15 or more towards the Mission Trip to India this year

Ode To Abba
 Written by Patricia Torok

My newest Cd on Jeree’ Label titled “Ode to Abba” was recorded July 2, mixed down July 3rd and was broadcast via Gospel Synergy  July 4th! Special thanks to Andre L. Carter for playing it as soon as I sent it.

God Save Me
 Written and Sung by Nikki Halstead – Pat Torok’s daughter

To purchase a CD (proceeds going to the India missions trip) go to and either make a donation through Paypal or send a cheque to Vessels of Honour C/O Pat Torok P.O. Box 311 New Galilee, PA. If using Paypal or credit card please be sure to send an email with your name and address. Thank you for your support.

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