Hannah’s Testimony


    This is Hannah from India, Dr.BVSNRao’s daughter who won the battle against Cancer In Him,With Him and For Him with all your great prayer support.
                I am really overwhelming in joy for the greatest miracle manifestation of  the Almighty has  in my life
               Dear family In Christ Yes !! I have seen many miracles in my earthly family but during this travel in the darkest Vally I have tasted his love in person. 
              Now here Iam giving my total testimony so that you all can share with our spiritual family in the churches as I can not come and witness
My Studies…..HIs love
                I Hannah did my MBA which was also a greatest miracle.Yes I discontinued my studies in my +2 due to seviour Gastric problem but I felt very bad when I saw my classmates doing their graduation that day I prayed to God in great pain and then God showed his way for me and helped me to complete my graduation. Later i wanted to do my MBA but was not able to prepare  for my entrance exam much as my mother was sick , so has to take care of her,But it was again a miracle as I got good marks in the entrance and got admission. It was God who has helped me to complete my MBA and work as a branch manager in an overseas education company .PRAISE GOD FOR HIS LOVE.
Great Vision…..His Grace in my Darkest Vally
          During  2010 July 28 early morning I was rushed to the hospital as an ovarian cyst has busted and was bleeding internally. I was collapsed totally so the doctors has done a emergency surgery inspite of their  not having confidence of my survival. But it was our God’s  one more miracle in my life that the surgery was a great success.
                   After this surgery on the 3rd day in the hospital suddenly in the night I felt breathless and was not able to take air and I collapsed again, then the doctors have connected oxygen and was trying to make me normal,then God has given me a great VISION,
I have been traveling some where through the fields and reached a place which was dry field and half cut field where I found something which was scaring and  was laughing at me then I felt as it is stopping my breath and started to pray God, but was not able still I tried hard and started paying then at that moment my surroundings have changed, I heard  beautiful Hymns around me and saw a person praying for me on His knees. Then i came in to concious and started praying God. My brother Gospel who was besides me seeing what  all are  happening in the hospital,  later told me that  few minutes before I came in to conciousness all my vital perameters went down and all around me were afraid ,but in few seconds they became normal. THIS IS  ONE MORE MIRACLE GOD DID IN MY LIFE. PRAISE HIM FOR HIS GRACE.
                 That day I felt  God has saved and showed stmbolising his deliverence but  six months later i.e  Jan’2011 when my cancer was diagnosed I came to know that vision was not just about that issue but He had showed me and assured me of the darkest Vally I was suppose to go through for His Glory
Battle against CANCER…….Great VIctory with HIm
                                          His Helping Hands
                 Dear friends,  at the time when I was diagnosed of CANCER  we were in great debts as the vision assured me of my life, the only thing i was worried about was about the financce,but then my mom said ‘ He will look into all issues so pray and lean on him ‘ then me and my family has prayed raising up our eyes to him and he  opened his doors and helped us as and when we required. PRAISE HIM FOR HIS GREAT HELPING HANDS
                                      Cancer Spread to liver
            When i have joined Hospital and all investigations have been done Doctors have told I was in last stages as it has been spread to liver but said they will try by giving  4/5 chemos and after that if the infection in the liver decreases then they can do surgery. But  to all their surprise just after the first chemo the scan reports showed that the liver is completely clear and no sign of infection which gave doctors hope to treat me further,PRAISE HIM FOR HIS HEALING HANDS.
                                 Major Surgery made Simple
         The doctors are prepared to do a surgery after my 3rd chemo but they were worried about the after surgery effects and said any thing can happen during this surgery and has to be in ICU at least for a week or 10days but again to all their surprise the surgery was a great success and I have been shifted to the ward from ICU with in 3days. GLORY TO THE ALMIGHTY AND HIS VALUABLE BLOOD SHIED FOR US PRAISE HIM.
                                  Declaration of the VICTORY          
    After 3  more post surgery chemos doctors havedeclared  me CANCER FREE AND WITNESSED HIS MIRACLE so i am praising Him
Unfailing Promise….Praise Him
 Deuteronomy 31:6                                 
               Throughout this 7 months of painfull treatment I became weak 

 both physically and psychologically ,  but strong spiritually with all  prayers and His promise that’ He will never leave nor forsake me’.PRAISE HIM FOR HIS PROMISE.

      Dear brother and sisters in Christ once again thanks for all your support and plzz pray that his will to be manifested in my further future and so that our family comes out of this financial problems and I can be used as his witness in this last days to start an Orphan children Home soon.
     keep me in prayers and plzz post the prayer request so that i can be a part in others battle.
With Regards
In his love

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