The Battle of Bael

It was nearing the end of our time in India when we were taken to a very remote village in the state of Tamil Nadu. As we began to enter the village by car we could hear preaching over a loud speaker, but it was not preaching Jesus. In fact it was Muslims preaching Mohammad! It has become a new venture for Islam to hold evangelistic meetings and broadcast in this manner. In 12 yrs of visiting India in cities or remote villages I have never come across this. My new missionary partner Deborah Butt of UK said “so we’re competing against Allah tonight” I said “No Problem!” I will stand toe to toe with anyone and the Gospel of Jesus Christ will always rule as the Power of the Gospel is a force to be reckoned with. “For the Word of God is Living and Powerful, sharper then any double edged sword; piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, of joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12

To be sure it was a volatile situation. We later learned that as the pastor who had scheduled this had rented a rickshaw with a speaker announcing that two women missionaries, one from America and one from UK would be preaching a message tonight at 7 pm. There became immediate opposition from both Hindu and Muslim. A few went about the village threatening people NOT to attend the meeting! This is not to be taken lightly as the persecuted church is a serious problem in India and other parts of the world. One should also be “wise as serpents and gentle as doves” Matt 10:16

Here is an amazing confession. As we sat in a side room waiting to be introduced, In the natural I did not know anything about the threats earlier in the day nor the fact that the main pastor was still trying to resolve conflict within the village. But….I looked out into the night sky and just asked the Lord for a garrison of angels round about us, then starred into the sky knowing they were there just wondering how large a company of angels that would be. That they were there was not the question. I didn’t know there was threat of an intrusion in the meeting by opposing Hindu’s and Islamist. I only knew something felt “off” in my spirit and I immediately ask for protection without giving into fear.

When we were finally called out we started off with Worship. I started with a Worship song I had written called “Ode to Abba”, followed by “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back.” Deborah led in a few more songs and then instead of going into preaching I felt led to start off with testimonies. The pastor who had taken us there gave his testimony and we called a few from the audience to give testimonies of their experiences. Deborah gave hers which is very powerful and at last I gave mine.  I explained to the people how important our testimonies are and quoted Rev 12:11. “They overcame by the Word of their testimony and the Blood of the Lamb.” Any person can dispute your ‘doctrine or belief’ but you absolutely cannot dispute a persons personal testimony of a changed life as of the result of a personal encounter with the One True Living God Jesus Christ. I can certainly imagine that there may have been within those seated, Muslims and or Hindu’s just waiting for me to say a word against their “gods” or religion. But I did not. Instead we gave testimony after testimony of the Power of God in our lives, Miracles and such and then we stopped to allow Holy Spirit the freedom to come in the fullness of His Glory.

First I did an altar call several people stepped forward. I led in a sinners prayer through translators and then began to move through the crowd. This is what any who were there to spy the meeting would have seen to report back. The Power of God came down, people were suddenly speaking in tongues, some slain in the spirit, some jumping for joy but the witness of this had to be quite compelling. As God is faithful there was no disruption and many Miracles.

After the meeting was over is when we were told about the threat. It was nearly 11 o’clock by then as all were gathering chairs and speaking to one another. I was the first to walk to the car where an old woman was waiting. I had no translator with me at the time but I layed hands on her and began to pray. At that time pastor Samuel was present and I asked him to ask her if she wanted to receive Jesus. He said she wanted to come to the meeting but was afraid because of the threats but she was waiting for us…waiting  for Jesus. Hallelujah! Her countenance changed immediately and I could see the peace in her eyes. We hugged and said goodbye. It was a Glorious night!

Written by Patricia Torok