No Turning Back

Today I received an email requesting me to endorse the music ministry of Gordon Berry. My first response was this. I would not endorse any person I did not know  personally or of those whom I value their word.  He provided a link to his ministry page and God spoke! This very morning I was feeling anxious about my upcoming missions trip to India. The first time God called me to India was the year 2000. I remember that every cell in this human flesh was opposed! But my spirit is indeed stronger and I went. So much I learned and saw and experienced I can only tell you read the Ebook on my website “To India With Love.” God called again in 2007, 2010 and now I am bound for India Nov 1-21 just under 6 weeks from now. I was feeling anxious because of health problems but at no point thought to decline. I have already purchased my ticket and gotten my shots. I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS.

This is how God used Gordon to lift my heart and encourage me that now I could jump on the plane tomorrow! Oops not yet packed! As soon as the page loaded it begins with a man telling the story of a man in a small village where…..India! The man is told to renounce Jesus and he and his family will live. The man thinks on the words of a song he had composed and began to sing “No Turning Back” . We are in the army of the Lord and there is no turning back if you have truly decided to follow Jesus. The story Gordon tells brought back to memory an experience I will share with you now.

It was my first visit in the year 2000. I had been there 3 weeks. All the revivals and street crusades were done and myself and 3 young pastors had gone for the day to visit church members and say my goodbyes. As we went crowds would gather all along the way people wanting prayed for and bringing their children out for me to Bless. One house we were invited to was the home of a Brahman priest. He was slain in the spirit and saved and delivered of alcoholism. Praise God. We continued on mile after mile into the deepest slum village. A woman came out frantically asking us to come pray for her dying husband. Scroll down to the blog “Saving Jeremiah” to read that story. What I didnt write in that story was  this.  It was dark now and we were a couple miles from our church, traveling along a dark road along a canal. It was just me and three very young pastors when we realized we were being followed by a mob. It was obvious they intended to overtake us which would have been very very easy to do , in the natural! In the natural the response might be to run or cry help. But that was not my response. I did not run nor speed up my pace. I turned to my young friends and said SING. They looked at me as if I was oblivious  that we were being trailed by a mob no doubt with murder in their hearts and a handy canal to dump our bodies. I said again SING. We began to sing, walking our same pace and singing Amazing Grace. The mob continued to follow us all the way back to the church but there remained a consistent gap between us. This is my belief. I believe if they could have closed the gap and killed us they would have. I believe they didn’t because God put angels between them and us.  That is my belief to this day. But if they had overtaken us I would have died declaring Jesus as Lord. No turning back. Not then, not now, not ever.

Hearing Gordon’s story today and India being mentioned within the first few minutes of the story was God confirming once again, “Follow me, to India for that is where I have called you. Fear not for I am with you says the Lord.”

I have embedded the link to Gordon’s website and I will write that recommendation. His passion for Jesus shines and the anointing in his voice is powerfully evident. It is my pleasure to introduce to to you the ministry of Gordon Berry.

I am leaving for India Nov 1st and returning Nov 21. Prophetess Deborah Butt from England is meeting up with me there and together with Ms Hannah Rao we hope to begin the ground floor of establishing the Hannah Home for orphan children. Please pray for us and the vision we share. I hope you will support this endeavor that was the vision given to Hannah. Read her testimony on the “About us” page.

Thank you for all your support in prayer and in finances. Shalom.