It’s Your Love

Towards the end of year 2011 it was prophesied that I would write two songs. Living Water was written and recorded in 2000. Lo and behold as prophesy that is “accurate” I wrote “Ode To Abba” Jan 30, 2012. One down…one to go. I cannot just sit and determine to write a song, I never could. I have to be inspired. Well today, somewhere between Walmart and Home Depot I started singing a song in my head and the words were just flowing. I came home, got my guitar and started writing.

Well it used to be I was so afraid,
Didn’t know it but I’d lost my way.
Just a face in the crowd with my head in the clouds,
Trying hard to survive all the pain deep inside.
Always searching, I was so confused
Making choices, didn’t know what to do
But then You came along, now Im singing this song,
Got to tell everyone what has made me so strong.
God it’s Your love that makes me see,
And it’s Your love that has set me free,
Nothing else is secure, It’s a dangerous world
But the darkness will hide from Your glorious light.
God it’s Your love
It’s a new day and I’m so amazed,
Of the changes in my life You’ve made.
Holy Spirit come and live through me,
Now my life is in You, come and make me a new – creation.
God it’s Your love, that has turned me around,
And it’s Your love, that has made me sound,
In my mind and my soul, no more loosing control
Cos I give it to You, yes I give You my soul.
God it’s Your love, that makes me smile,
And it’s Your love flowing deep from inside,
Like a river that flows, from the depths of my soul.
It’s a wellspring of life, cause You’re living inside.
It’s Your love
Now I’m taking, what You’ve given me,
I’m no longer, what I used to be,
I’m not taking the blame, I’m no longer the same,
For the old man is dead and I’m risen again
With You Jesus, Jesus
I love You Jesus
Cause it’s Your love … that saved me Jesus.

I think it still needs a bridge but I feel before the week is out my new second song will be finished and I will add it to the Ode To Abba CD along with another original “His Name Is Jesus” Id forgotten to add. So….stay tuned….two more songs to be added to the Ode To Abba CD.

Also, the cover picture I am using was my friend just playing with her new phone near sundown. At first glance I knew it was my cover photo. I welcome your comments.

Oh and……..yesterday I went and got my 2 photos to renew my passport which expired last year but my visa for India is good till 2015. I filled out the form, send photos and money order and my new passport should arrive in 4-8 weeks. Mission accomplished.