Thy Hand is upon us

Deborah and I have been praying the Prayer of Jabez since 29th April and provisions have come in abundance. Deborah has received provisions and my territory has been greatly enlarged.

Whenever I go out I pray this prayer ” Oh Lord I ask that your Spirit would go before us and prepare the way, removing every form of danger from us; seen and unseen. That no danger, harm, calamity or even illness will come near to us, in Jesus Name we pray, Amen:” It is something I always pray when going out, especially if traveling far or with a group.

Tuesday, my daughter’s family, 3 grandchildren and another child whom I care for;  went to Idlewild Park, Leigoneer, PA. All was well driving the two and a half hr drive and through most of the day at the park. Around 5pm that day we went to the wave pool at the park. They have the waves going at intervals of 10 min on and 20 off. The waves are quite powerful and bounce you all about. There are several life guards and it is not considered dangerous. However, I got severe leg cramps in my calves and was brought down. When I came up it was instinctive to gasp for air, unfortunately I took a deep breath just as a great wave came and inhaled water into my lungs. I was pulled down again and when I surfaced by Gods Grace my daughter was within an arms reach and she looked right at me. I said “Nikki help me!” She grabbed me and pulled me up and I began to cough the water out of my lungs. I have no doubt any more water into my lungs or been taken down another time  I would have surely drowned.  SAVE ONE!

After we left the swimming area I called me husband and ask “and how is your day going?” He replied “well once I got the fire out it was ok!” As it were…..he was grilling on the porch. This is a large grille with two propane tanks underneath. Ed went in the house for a few minutes and when he came out to check on the food; much to his horror the grille was in full  flame! He was immediately mindful of the two propane tanks but the fire was too great to risk opening the cabinet. He grabbed the fire extinguisher and by Gods Grace  he was able to put out the fire before the heat reached the tanks. The grille is torched but the wooden A-frame house 2 ft from the grille and my husband are safe. SAVE TWO! 

We left the park at 8pm and stopped for Pizza. We ordered more then we could eat and had plenty to take with us. On the way home my daughters car began to have a tap in the engine. We had to exit the turnpike and find a gas station. We checked the oil which was down a qt and a half and filled it. We got back on the the turnpike and after driving about 15 minutes the car lost power and she managed to make it to an emergency pull off. It was apparent that the engine had thrown a rod. All 3 of my grandchildren and the child I took with us were in my car which I pulled up along side of hers. I was plenty far enough off the road, but something didn’t sit right in Nikki’s spirit and she said “Mom, pull your car behind ours.” I complied with no objections. Fortunately I am a member of AAA road service and we called for a tow truck. We were still about 60 miles from home. The first tow truck passed us somehow and a second was dispatched. Nikki and I were standing beside her car opposite the highway. Suddenly there were two 18 wheeler rigs coming in too fast and missed our cars  by no more then one foot, waking one of the sleeping children by the rocking of the vehicle due to the speed of the trucks! Had I not moved my car behind hers….per her request, my car; carrying 4 children would have been crushed by the massive trucks. SAVE THREE!

 The tow truck driver was very nice and we gave him the extra pizza and cinnamon sticks. I even had the opportunity to pray for his family and  mother-in-law who suffers from Lupus. “enlarged territory”

I have been asked to do a wedding in Lancaster, PA  June 30th. I am staying at a hotel in Paradise, PA June 29th as there were no available rooms in Lancaster that weekend.  I am doing a Renewal of Vows for a couple married 19 yrs and the ceremony is in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina July 22. God has opened more doors as I will be singing and preaching at Maranatha Baptist Church July 18th, singing at Chrurch of God the 15th, a retirement community in Roanoke and three music programs in nursing homes in Richmond VA on the return July 23 and 24. “Enlarged territory.”

Oh Lord that You would bless us indeed and enlarge our territory. That Your hand would be upon us, that You would keep us from evil that we might not cause pain.
Thank You God that You answer our prayers

Written by Patricia Torok

Saving Jeremiah

It gives me much pleasure to tell the story of Jeremiah’s Salvation. There was a day of well needed rest for me from my itinerary and then we were to go house to house/hut the following day to pray for our church members. We left around 10am that morning and began to make our rounds to the homes of our church members but we could not just visit our believers. I was known as friend of Jesus and the Hindu’s, believing that Jesus is a god and one with power to heal and to bless, they would crowd around us and bring their children in huddles to have them blessed or with the hope of healing. They would come out of their homes or huts, and beseech us to come in and pray for a sick family member, and so we did. I went into a hut to pray for an old woman suffering with fever. I laid my hand on her forehead which was very hot. I began to pray and in an instant the fever left and was cold to touch, and to God be all the glory.

Now it was dark, late evening, and we were near the end of our street to visit and then we would be going home. It was a long but productive day. One of our stops was at Pastor Jaya brother-in-law who was a broman priest and also seriously ill from alcohol addiction. Alcoholism is very common in India, even amongst the tribal’s, as it is very easy to make intoxic strength from a flower in abundance. He was slain in the Spirit and remained on the floor basking in the Spirit of God, and was saved and delivered from his addiction to alcohol. In late correspondence I would acquire from certain individuals to my utter delight he quit drinking and was living a Christian life.

We were almost ready to return to home when a woman ran out of her hut speaking frantically in local tongue. I did not know what she was saying but Jaya said “Mum, we must go quickly”. I started to walk briskly to the hut and all of a sudden in my spirit it was like anti-lock brakes! I stopped and Jaya and his brother VJ and joly, turned and asked “What is the matter Mum?” I said, We must pray the Lord’s Spirit must go before us and prepare the way. I had never feared going to any hut or house, even though you do not know the situation until you are actually there, but I knew we needed to pray for the Lord’s Spirit to go before us and prepare the way. When we entered the hut, lit only by one small kerosene lantern, we could see a man who was literally skin and bones and barely responsive. I said, “this man is dying. Ask him now if he wants to receive Jesus, for there is no salvation beyond the grave.” The man was suffering from a rare type of pneumonia prevalent among AIDS patients. His lifestyle and condition was no secret among the villagers.

He received Jesus that night and he was baptized. Hallelujah! We went back the following day to see how he was doing and I had to know for myself if he could recollect or remember the events of the night before. Did he remember that he was baptized and what that meant? He said yes and he was actually looking better and sitting propped looking alert. He said he felt very happy in his spirit. I offered to acquire medications for him from Dr. Rao but he promptly declined. I left India within the week but Pastor Jaya took him a meat meal on Thanksgiving day and visited him almost everyday until he died. One week prior to his death, he spoke and Jaya wrote his words as he gave his testimony to me. His old name was Ramulu, named after a popular Hindu god. He wanted to receive a Christian name which I chose for him. He was pleased with his new name, he liked it very much.


Jeremiah’s words
Nov 30th 2000 

“Once I was a sinner and a dancer. I destroyed many girls lives. I have committed many sins in my life. Now my age is 27. I contracted AIDS from a girl I met a couple of years ago. After that I visited many hospitals to find a cure. The Doctors told me that I would die soon. Fearing the worst I adored many Hindu gods. I performed many rituals to all the Hindu deities, but there was no hope, no positive rsults. I lost all the strength in my body. I knew what was to come now, I knew that I will die. But on 16th Nov 2000, evening Sister Pat and Pastor Jaya came to my house. From that very moment my life was changed. When I heard about Salvation and received Baptism I got more strength in my spirit. I truly felt inner strength, and I had true peace for the first time in my life. I tried to please the Hindu deities for salvation but everything was in vain only causing more desolation. But I know in reality, that night Jesus came to my house through Sister Pat for me. Now I am very happy in my spirit and I have peace. If I got death right now, I know I will live with Jesus. So, I need not medicines. I got new life and new name. Please tell Sister Pat to pray for me daily.”

Jeremiah went to be with the Lord three weeks after the night of his Salvation and Baptism. He wrote this letter to me through the translation of Pastor Jaya, one week before he died. I know I will see him again.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 6:23

Excerpt from the Ebook “To India with Love”
Written by Patricia Torok

Introducing Progressive Faith Ministry of India

I first met Dr Rao and his family in the year 2000 and to this day remain a link in the chain of this Ministry. I stayed and ministered with the Rao’s part of my trip in 2000. It has been one of the most rewarding areas of ministry. It was through Progressive Faith Ministry that I was ordained in India May 6, 2007 . Revival did happen that day Glory to God.

I am well aware and have been part of some of their ministry outreaches. I have also been in the jungles near the mission farm and met the REAL Village people! The “unreached” Dr Rao talks about who have not heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ not once! PFM is about reaching the lost, education, teaching vocational skills, medical camps and now to save orphans from a fate you cannot imagine. Fortunately there are ministries like PFM and others like it who reach out as Jesus did to meet all…..not some, but all of the needs of the people.

Dr Rao has sent a slide show and a presentation about their ministry which I fully endorse. You will see the Rao’s in the slide show that I did, India mission 2007. I have seen certain aspects of this ministry grow and come to bare fruit. I was there for the building of the mission farm and have visited the Emu farm in 2010. They do as the Lord directs and they get the job done as the Lord provides those who labor and those who support the needed funds to do it. (Click here to go to Slideshows)

The next phase of this ministry’s outreach is the Hannah Home for orphan children which we hope to be of assistance in the beginning phases when we are there this November. It is our reasonable duty,  we are His bond servants. We do as we hear from Him and cast our nets! Amen. With the help of Deborah Butt and Dr Rao we have added a new slide show and presentation about PFM  and the future project of Hannah Home. Please do read Hannah’s Testimony on the “about us” page.  Please lend your support for the very worthy program. The fate of India’s orphans is harsh. With the love and education being taught in the ways of the Lord they can become the future generation of in country missionaries, preachers, evangelist and church planters.  It is for His Kingdom and His Glory that is the driving force for this labor of love. Shalom

Written by Patrica Torok

Sunday Meeting

Tribal Elder and young boy

Hungry for the Word of God


CDs. We have several Cds to offer as thank you gifts for your support for our upcoming missions trip to India in November.

The Broadcast titled “The Glory” can also be obtained on CD for your own personal edification or as a witness tool for others.

Thank you,

Rev Pat Torok

2012 – The Bride of Christ


In January of 2011, I journalled a few prophetic thoughts that Holy Spirit had me write down for the year ahead. I journaled that it would be a year of going higher and deeper with God, yet experiencing great silence and resistance. Some would wake up to the call of Jesus “Come up here! Come up higher!” and follow Him, leaving the old clothes behind and be clothed in purity. Some would fall behind in this ascension. Even now, we are not to worry about them, but keep our eyes fixed on Him. In this time our armour would be tested and we would use our weapons to fight. I definitely experienced this in my life. I believe this will continue in 2012 but will come from a place of intimacy with God.

In my personal, little world the ‘Bride of Christ’ has been emphasized recently. A few of my friends are thinking about marriage – who to be with, and when it will happen. This year, reaching the age of 18 and becoming an adult I could have taken it literally thinking about my future husband and family, but after going to an intercessory morning last month, the focus was on intimacy with Jesus, our bride groom. I knew Holy Spirit was highlighting the ‘Bride of Christ’ again and I was led to weave through Song of Solomon with my notes from a few talks by Ryan Wyatt from a conference I went to in Dudley in May 2011 called ‘The Fresh Awakening’.

I felt that in 2011 we experienced the beginning of the hot becoming hotter and the cold becoming colder, so to speak. Meaning the passionate lovers of God would grow even more passionate, and the ones not willing to follow Jesus to where He leads, would become even colder to His callings and dumb of hearing His voice. I believe this will increase in 2012. The lovers of Jesus will go deeper into His presence, growing in desire and passion.

Follow Song of Solomon with me for a moment (YES! Go grab your Bible): the shulamite woman representing us, and the King representing Jesus. At the very beginning she experiences the affections of God – verse 2 “Let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth!” – The kiss of God being the very thing that satisfies us, prevailing over any earthly experience “For your love is better than wine!”  The reason we were created is to experience His love. “The odour of your ointments is fragrant; your name is like perfume poured out. Therefore do the maidens love you. Draw me! We will run after you! The king brings me into his apartments! We will be glad and rejoice in you! We will recall your love, more fragrant than wine. The upright [are not offended at your choice, but sincerely] love you”, she has a revelation of the name of Jesus and is called into the bridal chamber for deeper intimacy with Him.

Last year we entered this private place of love experiencing the furnace of fiery love. But some became self-conscious, remembering their former life before knowing God, worked out of their own human will feeling burnt out and losing the sweetness of the affection and kiss of Jesus. He gives her affirmation and tells her to continue walking because she is strong. “O my love, you remind me of my favourite mare in the chariot spans of Pharaoh.” He calls her to carry the King. He calls US to carry Him.

Skipping through the rest of chapter 1, at chapter 2 v 8 the woman is in a new season where He challenges her out of her comfort zone. The mountains speak of Human/Demonic hindrances; the hills speak of personal difficulties. He calls her out of wall/private world of self-concern, following with affirmations and encouragement. “The voice of my beloved! Behold, He comes, leaping upon the mountains, bounding over the hills. My beloved is like a gazelle or a young hart. Behold, he stands behind the wall of our house, he looks in through the windows, he glances through the lattice. My beloved speaks and says to me, ‘Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away.’”

A lot of people last year also heard the call of Jesus into that new season, where God challenged us. In God’s grace we went so far but didn’t step into the fullness. It felt as though we had been separated with God and we experienced a silence. God pulled away knowing this would stir us making us love sick for Him. He’s not rising up an army that needs nursing but an army that can go into the wilderness and deserts with God. When He withdraws from you, the more His eyes are on you. In the night – the wilderness time – the Shulamite woman sought the one she loves, and His presence returned.

The rest of chapter 3 describes the King preparing the wedding carriage for His Bride. Reaching chapter 4, the beloved talks about His love for the woman “How fair you are, my love, how very fair! Your eyes behind your veil of those of a dove”. At this point let me explain what this means. A dove, also known as a love bird, is able to only put attention on one thing at a time. The Shulamite woman had single vision – her eyes fixed on her Lover. Seven times in the book of Song of Solomon, either the King or the Shulamite woman are described to be like a dove.

Verse 9 says “My Bride, my very own, you have stolen my heart! With one glance from your eyes and the glow of your necklace, you have stolen my heart.” The neck signifies the will. I believe the King is saying ‘and seeing the displays of your desire for me, you have stolen my heart!’ He is overcome by her heart and desire. The King of Kings is filled with emotion and love. Jesus is completely and utterly in love with us. This is what happens to Him when we just look at Him.

Chapter 4 speaks of how God sees beauty in us – His adoration for us. Verse 12, “My bride, my very own, you are a garden, a fountain closed off to all others… (Verse 15) You are a spring in the garden, a fountain of pure water, and a refreshing stream from Mount Lebanon.” In those times the King would have a personal and private garden in which he would go for refreshment. We are His garden for delight. We are His place of retreat.

She says in verse 16, “Oh, I pray that the cold north wind and the soft south wind may blow upon my garden that its spices may flow out in abundance for you in whom my soul delights. Let my beloved come into His garden and eat its choicest fruits.” She realizes that love is not just passion and intimacy but discipline and judgement, burning out things in her life that hinder, asking that both adversity and blessing would blow. God alone would get the glory.

In 2012 we are going up! Things look different from the places you stand. God is doing a new thing and shifting things. God is taking us into a different perspective – the view from the Bridal chamber looks very different from a cellar. The New perspective is 1-1 with God. Our lovesick desire has brought us deep into His presence. We sought His face in the quiet times, in the night of 2011 and we experienced His love and affection. In 2012 God is calling us into deep intimacy with Him. In the private times with Him in the secret place, our hearts burn with love and passion. We hear, know and have the treasures of Heaven revealed to us so we can operate in Kingdom power. Our dove’s eyes fixed completely on Him; we are transformed from glory to glory, becoming a bride that is truly without spot or wrinkle.

Even though in this place we are very vulnerable, this is the best place we could be! He guards us! He protects us! We lean on Him. In this position we are most effective in warfare. Close to His heart we fight like a General Militant! We are in a time of great warfare. We are in a time of great shaking. We are in a time where governments are colliding. We need to radically hear from Heaven.

I saw a beautiful print of a painting where a bride was wearing army boots. We need to remain in the secret place; the shadow of the Almighty; the resting place with the love of Christ, living in intimacy but going through war. 2012 is all about intimacy. Not just connecting with God spirit to spirit in our prayer time alone, but daily communing with Him. We are the bridal generation.

People may say (verse 9) “Most beautiful of women, why is the one you love more special than others? Why do you ask us to tell Him how you feel?” And we tell them, “His kisses are sweet. I desire Him so much!  Young women of Jerusalem, He is my lover and my friend.”

Blessings for 2012 and much love
Deborah xxx

2012 – The Bride of Christ

“To India with Love”

In the beginning was the email, and the email was from India. To tell of a journey that began twelve years ago I must start at the beginning. I received an email from a young pastor telling me about his ministry, many facts about India and finally about his sick wife who was suffering from Tuberculosis and other medical conditions; and how he did not have the money for her medicine. I asked how much it would be in American currency, the sum of which turned out to be $72.oo Through a friend in California I was able to make contact with a medical doctor and pastor within a two hour drive from the couple. Sujatha eventually recovered and gave birth to a daughter seven months later!

I was invited to India and ministered with pastor Jaya and Sujatha but the divine connection that has lasted a dozen years now has been with Dr Rao and his wife Shohba and their lovely family, making them my own. Commissioned  by God as a missionary to India, I have visited three times hence, yr 2000, 2007 , 2010 and will be returning again the full month of November, 2012 with a young woman Deborah Butt from England. Deborah will be making her first missions trip to India but the first of many and as was prophesied, the first of many nations.

Miss Hannah Rao, Dr Rao’s daughter whom I have known since she was only seventeen years old was diagnosed in 2010 with stage four ovarian cancer which had matastisized outwardly. Such a diagnose is usually a death sentence BUT we serve a Mighty God! One year later Hannah is cancer free Glory to God! One evening a few months ago during an all night prayer service Hannah, now 29, was crying out to God about her future ministry and the Lord spoke and said you shall have to take care of many many children. Thus the vision for the Hannah Home, extension of Progressive Faith Ministries will be established this year. Deborah and I will be there for the ground level stage of what will become a wonderful home for Orphan and parentless children who will be taught the ways of the Lord, loved and nurtured, educated and spared the fate of India’s Orphans.

Note: the Rao’s are seen in this video from India Mission 2007 . Hannah is the young woman behind me, Rev Shohba beside me and Dr Rao in the front.

Written by Patricia Torok

Slideshow of India

Click on the photograph above to go to India Mission 2007 Slideshow

Prayer of Jabez – 1 Chronicles 4:10
“Oh Lord thank You that You have blessed us indeed, and enlarged our territory. Thank You that Your hand is always upon us, that You have kept us from evil that we havent caused pain. Thank You for answering our prayers.”